Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Planning the future

I love living in the present, but sometimes you can't avoid looking to the future. As the seasons change, it is time to start thinking about new possibilities and new adventures. Here are a few things I will be trying to accomplish in the next year:

  • Moab highline extravaganza(s)
  • BASE jumping at the Perrine
  • Reach 100 skydives before Jan 1st
  • Go on a road trip to Lodi, CA (and jump for $13 a jump!)
  • Rainier (unsupported speed ascent)
  • More and more trad climbing (including a bivy on the wall)
  • Ecuador Volcanoes
  • Climbing and Jumping in Switzerland
After this, who knows? Only the future will tell, and I am constantly creating that future in my daily endeavors.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey you forgot climbing some piddly little cliff in AZ. lol ap