Monday, August 6, 2007

Linear Ambition

Linear Ambition

Hip cats do flips on tight line
Thinking panting waxing waning
Come and go this freak show

Smooth like soft skin
Tripping some and gripping others
Peaceful Zen you comprehend
Yet flopping like dismal endeavor

High above bright blue sky do I
Search for higher state of mind
Flapping fabric double backed
Crazy antics do attract
Audience of perplexed proportions

Eyes closed, body knows
Feels thrill of heightened being, then
Stop. Slip. Spin. Burn.
Yin takes painful turn
but Yang takes care to follow

Focus on nothing equals something
Of a spectacular kind
Clarity, temerity, serenity
Walked the gap of space and time

Friday, August 3, 2007

One Deep Breath

So much in life can be simplified by a very simple action. One Deep Breath. Fear, frustration, stress, any negative emotion can be quickly expelled by just one deep breath. You become calm, cool, collect, and can start to analyze things with a different and more relaxed mindset. Everything that I do becomes easier when I can control my breathing. This weekend I'm going to be completing my level second and third levels of the accelerated free-fall (AFF) class at the mile-high skydiving center. During my first level I was terrified at first, then I took a deep breath and all the fear cleared away, and I jumped out of the plane. It is amazing what we are capable of if we pursue what we are passionate about, and clear away any negative feelings we or others may have.

Here's another poem I wrote recently:

The storm is rising steadily
Soon it sweeps me off my feet
The wind is blowing past the toll
Slowly rising out of control

I am confused
I’ve lost my way
Please bring me back
Another day

I need a place
Where I belong
Unknown sights
Tell me this wrong.

My ship is sinking steadily
The water splashes at my feet
Will I survive I do not know
Alone in life, where did I go?

My heart is dying steadily
The pumping blood looses the beat
Without someone to share my song
Unloving bodies carry on.

The nature of
My human mind
Needs to confide
Secrets divine

Without a pulse, without a place
Without a pace, the human race
One drop drips down, onto the frown
Turned upside down, start the countdown

Who I was and who I’ll be
The past will breathe tranquility
As what I sought from dusk till dawn
Was found inside me all along.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Cubicle Daydreams

Sitting here in frigid air
My back hurts from this bad chair
I write reports all stinking day
And never get to live or play

The weekend is so close
Only a few days at most
But until then I must wait
Isn’t the office great?

Cover sheets and paper jams
Sometimes I don’t give a wham
Inside with all these boring types
What’s with all the crazy hype?

I wait and wait and wait all day
Shaking from my lack of play.
If only I could be outside.
To jump and sing and run and climb.

I dream of sky and air and space
Anything to leave this place.
They say: “9 to 5 it shall be”
But "No!" I say, "I shall be free."

Jump out of planes and climb on ropes
Nowhere near these office dopes.
I can choose to live my life,
I will not deal with office strife.

Happy is as happy does,
But happiness is hard because
Inside your heart you must find
What brings pleasure to your mind.

I cannot stand this dreadful place
Where Corporate ladders are the race.
I dream of life in mountain air,
For I am simply happy there.