Monday, December 10, 2007

Long Time, No See

It sure has been a while since the last post. Unfortunately my time in the last two months has been spent otherwise employed in my studies, but fortunately I have been having plenty of fun and wild adventures. I guess I'll start where I left off back in September. Since I last wrote here, I have had many adventures. Lots of climbing up in Boulder Canyon before it got too cold, lots of skydiving (I'm up to 25 jumps and still going regularly), lots of slacklining, and lots of kite flying. Mary and I have been having some incredible times together, and have been really living life to the fullest, which is my number one priority lately.

In October Mary and I set up a really cool highline in the trees across the Boulder Creek Path. It was a real blast and the rigging took forever because I was mostly doing it on my own. However, the line was a success and even though we were trespassing, (which eventually was the reason we took the line down) it was still a fun adventure and we both got some great walks in. Mary is really incredible on the slackline. Also in October were plenty of trips to the drop zone to do some skydiving. Mary finally finished her AFF just recently and is now doing solo jumps! Once she gets her A license we can jump together, an achievement which we are both looking forward too.

At the end of October, we competed in the Spot Psychadelia, an annual bouldering competition that takes place with black lights, fluorescent paint, and lots of trippy climbing costumes. It was pretty fantastic, and Mary ended up taking the cake in the womens recreational category. A movie of the event can be seen here. About halfway through you can see me in a prisoners outfit busting some moves on the slackline:

In November we did some hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, ticking off a few more 12ers Flattop and Hallett. These are pretty easy hikes, but I wanted to judge Mary's climbing strength. Just as I thought, she is a beast on the trail and had no problem keeping me winded the whole time.

On November 16th-20th Mary and I headed down to the Sand Dunes National Monument to play in the dunes, fly our kites, and watch the Leonids Meteor Shower. This was an incredibly fun trip, and we got to just escape reality and fly and jump and play. It really was wonderful.

Not only did we enjoy the dunes, but we also went out to Penitente Canyon for a day and did some sport climbing. Mary did her first lead climb, and then proceeded to lead a 5.10 and flashed a 5.11 as well. I couldn't be more impressed and pleased to have such an incredible climbing partner.

The photos of the trip can be seen at the following link:

Sand Dunes Album

Aside from that I haven't had too many adventures, but there are many in the works. Skydiving after my final on saturday is one which I am greatly looking forward too. Also I have great news. I am now the editor of the new and improved and will soon be publishing monthly editorials on the site with updates in the slackline community, events coming up and personal growth experiences on the slackline. This will eventually turn into a push to publish a magazine, and is a collaborative effort of the best slackliners in the country along with the support of's wonderful founders. I am extremely excited about this new position, but because of the involvement in the new age of slacklining, my ability to use my love of writing, and the monetary compensation that this position will provide. Anyway, that's whats new. I'll keep this posted more often. Peace.