Friday, September 28, 2007


Have you ever had a dream that you thought was so real that you couldn't tell the difference between that dream and reality?

Have you ever had a dream that you were flying above the world?

Have you ever had a dream that so resembled your passions that you can't help but be motivated to live life in a way that emulates that dream?

Have you ever wondered how life could be different if we didn't have bodily limitations and our spirits could roam free on this earth?

Have you ever loved doing something so much and so completely that you devote your life to doing it?

Have you ever seen the smile on someone's face when they are truly satisfied?

Have you ever sat above the world and admired the glory of the human race?

Have you ever reached out your arms and embraced the goodness of humanity?

Have you ever talked to God? Have you ever had an answer?

Have you ever had so much passion for something that your heart cannot contain it?

No? Have you ever lived?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Endless Sky

Tuesday night I worked ground crew for a BASE jump, Wednesday I slacklined for 2 hours and was late to my important meeting, Today I went skydiving between classes, Tomorrow I am going climbing in Boulder Canyon, Saturday I am going skydiving again, Sunday I am having a slackline/bbq with lots of friends. Life is good :)

They say you don't have time to have fun when you are in Aerospace. I am living proof that whatever they say is wrong. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Do what makes you happy and you will find a way to get through the struggles in your life. A passionate life is a successful life. This is what I live by. Have no doubts, no reservations, no skepticism, just pursue what gives you the greatest pleasure, and your life will be much more enjoyable. We didn't choose to be on this earth, nor do we know why. But who we are and how we got here are insignificant matters compared to what we live for. I live for life.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Monastery Movie

This is me walking the line at The Monastery earlier this summer. Total Mind Rush! Enjoy!

Monastery Video


I question all that is questionable in order to find a higher truth where there is none. I strive to discover a meaning to this random manifestation of life on earth. The more I question, the more I realize the answer is unattainable, and this frustrates me. No amount of adventure can make up for the fact that I cannot find a purpose to my existence. Will I find an answer? probably not, but I'll make sure that I give my life meaning and purpose. I'll make my actions and adventures meaningful and this is the beauty of life. We can chose a path of our own design. If I know anything it is that we are capable of anything we desire. The purpose of life is to cultivate these desires to achieve happiness. The paradox of life is that while happiness is easy to achieve it is nearly impossible to maintain, thus leaving us watching our life pass by as we search for something new. But what can be done when all possibilities are consumed? What if there is nothing left to aspire to? Is that the end? This world is too small for the capacity of the consciousness of man.