Monday, August 6, 2007

Linear Ambition

Linear Ambition

Hip cats do flips on tight line
Thinking panting waxing waning
Come and go this freak show

Smooth like soft skin
Tripping some and gripping others
Peaceful Zen you comprehend
Yet flopping like dismal endeavor

High above bright blue sky do I
Search for higher state of mind
Flapping fabric double backed
Crazy antics do attract
Audience of perplexed proportions

Eyes closed, body knows
Feels thrill of heightened being, then
Stop. Slip. Spin. Burn.
Yin takes painful turn
but Yang takes care to follow

Focus on nothing equals something
Of a spectacular kind
Clarity, temerity, serenity
Walked the gap of space and time


Anonymous said...

Where is that line?


Scott said...

Yosemite Falls.