Sunday, October 12, 2008

Brocken Spectre

This rare phenomenon occurs when there is a large amount of fog in your close proximity. The water molecules reflect the light that is refracted by your shadow creating a rainbow-like formation around the shadow of your head. It is called a brocken spectre; it is pretty cool to look at and incredible to think about. It brings to mind all of the complexities of this earth, so many things constantly going on at all once, most of them we aren't even aware of. A drop of rain, a vine growing in a crack in the wall, a leaf floating in the wind, a chip of paint, a reflection in the fog, trash in an alley, a person walking home alone in the cold, a wilting flower. There are things both good and bad. What you notice is important, and is very indicative of the kind of day you are having.

Can we create our own happiness? What does this look like? What if we focus our eyes to see only those things that make us smile and give us pleasure instead of looking at the negative things? People claim how bad their lives are, but is it because of the situations they are put in or find themselves in, or is it because they view the world with negative eyes and see the sad things surrounding them.

There is beauty in everything. From the wind in your hair to the first crisp day of fall, to the birth of a child to the smile from a neighbor. Anything can be positive. Whether or not you perceive it as such is up to you.

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