Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Weekend of Adrenaline

This weekend was fairly eventful, as normal, but a few notable things happened that are worth reporting. Saturday I dedicated as a skydiving day, which was great because the weather was incredible and the winds were nil. Unfortunately, the dropzone had donated the biggest plane we jump out of (the twin otter) to Eloy AZ for the skydiving nationals, so we were stuck jumping out of the King Air, which only hauls maybe 15 people up to the sky instead of 25. That being the case, it was super packed with not too many slots available and I only got to do two jumps. It was all good though because those jumps were fun as hell. I've been getting really into tracking, which is a discipline that prepares you for wingsuiting. You make your body as flat as possible, with your arms to your sides, and you shoot forward, diving towards the ground, picking up acceleration and lift. I have these inflatable pants that increase your surfacce area for the purpose of making you fall slower and shoot forward faster. They're a lot of fun to play around with. I did a tracking jump with my buddy James and we probably covered 1.5 miles horizontal distance in the 2 miles vertical that we fell. Needless to say, it is a lot of fun.

Sunday was a change of pace for me. I'm so used to pushing my own limits that I rarely get to focus on the limits and boudaries of others, and helping my friends to redefine their limits and bounaries. I brought everyone up to the Golden Spire where I rigged the 30' line and let everyone have their fill. It was a great day and about 15 of us were up there giving the line a go. Lots of people got out and just hung there on the line, others got a few steps, while others were able to walk the whole thing. It was definitely a learning experience for everyone. I've finally gotten past the point of being nervous of lots of people walking on my rigs, and now its somewhat comfortable. Some of Boulder's best slackliners also got to fell the shaking legs, the wind in their hair, and that feeling of blissful weightlessness before the leash catches the fall. It was certainly a great day. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to introduce more and more people into highlining, and grow in my own comfort of the sport as a whole.

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