Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Timeless Existence

If I told you that a typical freefall only lasted for 60 seconds or less, you would probably say, "that's not very long at all". But 60 seconds can feel like a lifetime, or at least half of one. Imagine a lifetime where you are completely alive, where your senses are completely in tune and the consequence of a mistake is often fatal. Imagine a lifetime where everything that you do moves you, a lifetime where any deviation of your position will send you off on a different course, where everything is done with impeccable intention. Imagine a lifetime where you are traveling incredibly fast, suddenly slow down, and then maybe travel fast again. Imagine a lifetime where all your thoughts and actions merge together into a beautiful dynamic ballet, dancing through the clouds, flying towards an unattainable goal but still you try your hardest to get there. Imagine a lifetime where you achieve the highest amount of pleasure possible, and your happiness is unprecedented. Imagine a lifetime that is completely emotionally draining and fulfilling at the same time. Imagine yourself in this situation, and then you will realize that the 60 seconds of freefall isn't really 60 seconds at all. Instead it is years and years of happiness and experience and love. These 60 seconds are a quintessential example of life in the way that it should be lived. These 60 seconds are devoid of all worry and pain and discomfort but instead breed unlimited peace. This is living for the moment, and that moment lasts a lifetime. Now you understand how 60 seconds is a very very long time.

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