Tuesday, September 30, 2008

GoFast Games

We absolutely crushed an awesome line this weekend; probably the highest and most beautiful so far in Colorado. It was the GoFast games and through some connections we managed to get permission to rig the awesome lines at the games. I headed down there thursday night and started rigging with Dylan friday morning. We had a 40' line rigged that was 988 feet above the bottom of the gorge. It was right next to the bridge, and had a nice vertical drop that allowed us to show off for the spectators on the bridge.

Dylan and I crushed as usual, and Jack came up from Durango to join in on the fun. It was his first legit highline (other than the one he rigged over the narrow gauge railroad down there) and he walked it in style. Smooth onsight, with some tricks thrown in as well. It was really exciting.

By the end of the weekend, and bunch of the BASE jumpers came by to give the line a go as well. They all had the guts, but it was more of a mental game than jumping off of the bridge, so Dylan, Jack and I were the only ones to cross the line.

I had a great time. Nobody was injured the entire weekend, which made me even more excited about BASE jumping. I was also able to get extremely comfortable on the highline, which is a really incredible feeling. Standing there, the wind blowing hard, focused only on balance, and nothing more. It creates an interesting feeling of enlightenment, one that I really cannot yet explain. It really is a zen experience, a transcendence from the line into another existence. I love it.

It was a fun opportunity, and hopefully we'll be invited to come back again next year. I would love to rig a 100 foot line next to the 160 foot line that are already chilling there.

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