Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Slackline till you Flatline

So last week Andy flew in to Colorado here, and we slacklined really really hard for the better part of 7 days straight. I never knew so much slacklining was possible, but here is a glimpse into the fun that was had.

Andy showed up and we slacked for an afternoon, breaking some rules and throwing down some sick tricks and phat beats on the lines and guitars. I really love CU's campus because of the beautiful trees and great views. We had a fun time slacking and dealing with people trying to tell us why using the do not walk on the grass sign for tree protection was ironic. Whatever. We were slacking so much that we were rarely on the grass.

We headed to Moab the next morning and chilled with Terry, playing in his backyard. If anyone is ever headed through Fruita, CO totally stop by and say hi to Terry. He's the humble owner of the coolest backyard in the planet! With a 55' highline, a 105' highline under construction, a 100' chain, a 190' line that has to weigh at least 10lbs/ft and various other lowlines which fell victim to my slackline-breaking curse, this place kicks ass. We chilled here for the night after getting our slackline fill, then headed to Gemini Bridges in Moab the next morning.

At Gemini, we set up the Birthday Gap and fooled around for a while. At only 30' long, it is a relative easy line, and an extremely fun one! Complete with lots of intentional leash falls, backflips, tricky tricks, and the now-infamous naked freesolo, the day was filled with fun. Maybe I'll get to the level of freesolo one day, but I still have a ways to go. Mad props to Andy.

The next day we walked the B-day gap again, then set up the Dog Hole. Terry and Greg came out and met up with us and walked for a while. The Dog Hole is such a classic line, but the spectators are a little ridiculous. They were all so incredulous that we were about to walk the line that they didn't believe us until we got out and walked it. Andy got $10 from one dude on a bet. It was a fun day. We de-rigged and cruised out to the fruit bowl.

The next morning, we got up and walked the fruit bowl lines, crushed those but the more we walked the more we became quickly exhausted. Andy even free soloed the 55' Chickita line (increasing his height record 8fold over 2 days).. Walking highline after highline after highline, we got really close to just dropping dead. It would be a great way to die though, slackline till you flatline. I'd be happy with my life if I slacklined to death. Anyway, Greg finally crushed the Chickita line after almost making it 2 months ago. We were all really stoked for him.

We cruised back to Terry's place and walked his lines some more. Greg full manned the backyard line. Terry's line is really really beginner friendly and comes highly recommended. After Greg finally full-manned the line, we got to mess around for a while.

I got the chance to try juggling on the highline, and after that went down, Terry thought it would be a great idea to throw the balls at mine to see if he could get me to fall. Needless to say, I wasn't phased, and even pulled off the double back flip with the two birds attached to my fingers.

After that, we cruised back home and then slacked for another few days. I don't know about Andy, but this trip just about killed me, but in doing so, made me an incredibly better highliner. Can't wait for the next trip to Moab!

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