Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Slacker's Revenge

Friday Mary, Josh and I met up at The Spot to do a slackline demo for the Climbing Wall Association annual conference. It was really fun. We got to showcase our skills and tricks, and got some free stuff. I talked with Dan, the owner of The Spot, and we might start giving slackline classes/lessons if there is enough interest. Anyway, we met up with Damian Cooksey while we were there, and then rigged some lines with him today.

Last July Damian broke the world record for the longest slackline for the second time. He walked a 506' line in the pouring rain over in Europe somewhere. Pretty damn impressive. We were able to rig the 210' line without any of the anchors breaking (see previous posts) and got on it this afternoon. Damian cruised it without any trouble, did a bunch of tricks, etc. I had a lot of trouble on it but managed to get halfway. It has been a while since I've tried a long line!

We also rigged a short line with Damian's type A webbing from in Germany. It is really strong and really springy, but with a low stretch percentage. It was fun to jump around on, and everyone worked on the flips. It was really fortunate that we got to meet up with Damian. It isn't every day that you get to hang out with one of the best slackers in the world. Now it's on to finishing finals, and moving into my new place next weekend. I'm looking forward to practicing the longer lines again, and getting ready for the lost arrow spire. Still a lot of training to be done! I'm positive it will be amazing no matter what happens though.

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