Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spot Bouldering Series Finals

Last night was the Spot Boulder Series Finals here in Boulder, CO and boy was it awesome. It started off with a rocking citizens comp, with plenty of problems to go around. The setters did a great job creating a variety of different routes, but many of the elite problems seemed a little on the hard side. I flashed the top 6 "hard" problems, but only was able to send elite 2. This summer will be a good time to put my new plastic strength to work outside in the real world. Said and I did some serious slacklining and Said came really really close to landing the backflip. He ended up landing it with two feet on the line, but his angular momentum threw him off and he ended up doing some sort of frontflip dismount. It was cool, but he still has to stick it!!

I met a bunch of the other top slackliners in Boulder last night, and we will have a really great crew to set up some highlines this summer. I am getting really excited about this. With the incredible skill around here, and the leadership of myself, we will be able to get a regular highlining crew together this summer, and this will be a big accomplishment not only for myself, but for the sport of slacklining in colorado.

I am hoping to get a digital camera soon to document these adventures, but for now, you will just have you use your imagination, or come find me and see for yourself. Next weekend is the Elbert trip, and it is a definite "go". I'll post a trip report after the climb next weekend. Peace

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