Friday, February 23, 2007

No recent adventures

So it was my new years resolution to go on some sort of adventure every weekend this year. Inevitably, I did not live up to this resolution, just like every other resolution I have ever made. During the recent weeks I have been busy with my aerospace labs, which take up almost all of my life these days. We just finished a lab mapping the absolute gravity of the earth at different latitudes. Did you know that the solid part of the earth has tide fluctuations in addition to the oceans? The ground actually moves about 10-15 cm outward (from the center of the earth) every day.

Anyway, I have had many plans to go on different adventures in the last month, including a few 14ers and such, but these fell through due to the fact that none of my friends are hardcore enough to drive up to the mountains. I've been blown off too many times, so it's time to find some new mountaineering partners. After I get a truck this summer, this will all change as I won't have to depend on anyone for a ride.

I do have some fun plans coming up though. Today and tomorrow I am judging at the final climbing competition of the season, as well as competing. The following weekend, if everything goes to plan, I'll be climbing Mt. Elbert. I know, this isn't that incredible of a peak, but regardless, it will be good to finally get out into the cold and do some climbing. During the last weekend in March I will be in Nevada at the Red Rock Rendezvous, doing some serious highlining and lowlining, as well as some sport climbing. I will also be meeting up with a friend in Salt Lake, so that will be great.

I'll keep everyone posted as my mild adventures of 2007 unfold, and hopefully I'll see you all out at the crags!

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