Friday, April 24, 2009

Imagine, Part 2

Imagine you are a candle, sitting in a row of several. Only one is lit, while others are untouched and perfect. Once there was a match, and that match lit the first candle. Your body and mind manifested in that candle, and it shone brightly. You learned about wick and wax, you learned how to dance in the wind, and how to burrow in the wax to avoid it. You learned how to keep the wax around you hot enough to sustain flame, without consuming too much of your body. You learned about life, you learned about war, you learned about beauty, you learned about death. Through the bright fragrance of life you lived the best you could, and the match was not in vain.

Eventually, the body was used up, but the hand that lit the match then transferred your flame to a new candle. The burning lust for life maintained, but was now manifested in a new body. New lessons were learned, and old ones were remembered. You learned how to further preserve the wax, and learned how to burn through your body with a slower pace. Again the candle was eventually consumed, and you were transferred to another. This time you learned how to burn even slower, but also learned how to burn with increased luminescence. Brighter and more slowly you burned. Again and again the candle was eventually extinguished, each time the duration of existence becoming longer, and the light becoming brighter. Eventually you learned how to maintain life within the candle without using any of the body, and you maintain perfect light forever. The hand with the match no longer needs to assist in your reincarnation, and instead lies at rest in your eternal peace.

Imagine that you live each day in this way, not as a candle but instead as a human. Further extending your intellectual stamina and luminescence. Eventually your body will expire, but your mind and experiences will be eternal.


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Larkin said...

Beautiful Imagery Scott. You're writings amazing me yet again :-)