Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dream as you'll live forever, Live as you'll die today

In my dreams I think of flying, of soaring to the sun. The wind whispers through my hair as I rocket towards nothingness. Then I spread my wings, and doubled nylon lifts me higher. I swoop around a cloud, lightly brushing the curious cumulus structure. Whisps of smoke rise as I sear through the saturated mass of air, and my hands trail vapor as I fly faster. I need not breathe, as the oxygen permeates me completely, through osmosis I am alive. My eyes close, taking in the feelings of flight. The tingling in my arms, the rippling of my skin, the flapping of my wings. I circle around the mountains that were my home, but now my home is the sky.

The perfect curvature of the earth seems so small. I am rising, rising, soaring into the stratosphere. Higher I go without pause, the pace quickens, soon I am above the whole rockies, and higher still. The majestic mountains and golden plains fall before me. I fall faster and faster away from the earth. A swap in physics as you know it causes me to depart from this planet, into space. Still I fly, higher, dancing with satellites, a ballet no one can see. Dodging meteors and asteroids, I fly, faster. Sound has already left, and now the red and the blue are shifting into a tighter and tighter ball of light as I achieve Einstein's symphony in C.

A massive, soundless expansion of matter ensues. At the beginning of time I soar around newborn nebulae and birthing stars. I fly through colorful clouds of matter a million miles wide, and, within seconds, reach the other side. I cruise from galaxy to galaxy, and they follow in my wake. Two collide and I fly right towards the center, accelerating and accelerating. I reach the singularity faster than light, happier than light, and I am expelled out of the other side. Dark matter drips from my fingers and toes, sucked back into the vacuum of nothingness. I pick a star and head straight for it, bringing with me the matter and the life I have collected from around the forming universe. My wings still taking me through the most beautiful constellations I have ever seen.

I find my star and circle it, flying around and around, depositing matter as I go. I swoop through solar flares and loop through the expunged radiation. As I fly, the matter conglomerates back into planets, and recognizable forms of life. I fly towards the third closest one, beginning to slow in my approach, with arms stretched out, embracing the warmest and most welcoming region of space. As I slow down, bombarding the particulates of the atmosphere, my spirit slows as well, the further I get from the flight that I know, the more I fade. I deploy my parachute, and descend towards the solid ground that I left so long ago. I look up to the stars, cutting brightly through the young, blue sky, vowing to return. And as my feet touch the ground, I finally expire...


Dad said...

and live to dream again, I hope and pray!! Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Scott, I read your latest entry again and it is wonderful!! You write so well. I'm impressed. Wow! I'm so glad that you do come back to Earth now and then to see us. Your writing makes Jonathan Seagull seem pretty tame.