Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Resolutions

2009 is going to be full of surprises, good surprises I hope. But while there will be spontaneous and surprising adventures, there are also a few things that I would like to accomplish this year. I guess I'll be unoriginal and make a list:

  1. Finally graduate and move on from CU. I've got so much on my plate that it almost seems as if school is holding me back.
  2. Launch the big project in March (secret secret)
  3. Make a few more highlining trips out to Moab
  4. Reach 250 skydives and get my skydiving coach rating.
  5. Rig some highlines in Mallorca this summer.
  6. Walk a slackline more than 100 meters in length.
  7. Knock out my Alpine Trad ticklist (now that I'm done with those boring 14ers)
  8. Send 5.11 trad (5.10 was my highest this last year)
  9. Reach 50 BASE jumps
  10. Spend more time away from the computer and enjoying beautiful Boulder.
  11. Climb V8
  12. Eat Healthier
  13. Exercise more often
  14. Smile more frequently
  15. I'll come up with some new stuff as the year goes on, but pretty much my main priority is to continue loving life and living it to the fullest.
*edit 16. Help my not so old man in his quest to climb all of the 14ers.*

1 comment:

Dad said...

Maybe help your old man climb a few 14ers to make his "58 by 58"!!??!!