Friday, July 25, 2008

LA Times Segment on Santa Monica

So when I went out to Cali earlier this month, I landed in LAX. Ric and Maria (owners of slackline brothers) couldn't pick me up till the evening, and I landed at 2:45. I had a bunch of time to kill so I took the bus up to Santa Monica to check out the pier. I had heard of a high population of slackliners chilling at Muscle Beach up there too, so I decided I would go see if there were any lines up. I met up with a guy named Josh who was friends with Harlan, one of the slackers also flying in to walk the lost arrow spire. We set up a line and started walking. It wasn't long before we drew a modest crowd, and then a couple people started taking pictures of us. Turns out one of them was a reporter for the LA Times. He was doing a segment on Santa Monica beach, and put me up on the article. Enjoy:

LA Times Article

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