Monday, June 16, 2008

The world is easier to see in 1 dimension

Everything we see, our whole gamut of understanding and comprehension is in three dimensions. That is just how we have come to understand the world. Spacial comprehension of the combination of sight and touch creates this understanding within us. But what if there is more? What if there are senses that are more difficult to control, but more rewarding to command. Are there more than 5 senses, and do the combination of these create more than 3 dimensions? It seems that every dimension correlates directly to a combination of human senses. Clearly there are the 5 obvious ones. But I'm talking about obscure feelings. Balance, Time, Intuition, Instinct, the onset of deja-vu, Deep Emotion, Love, so many unexplainable and uncontrolable aspects of our lives that impact our actions greatly despite our inabilaty to understand them. What if we can focus on controlling each one of these individually? What if we can do something that allows us to remove all other senses from the realm of cognitive processing and simply work on controlling only one of these at a time, developing them, and eventually controlling them. Will we see the world differently? Will we be able to view the world in one dimension, or 5? Will we become a better person?

Slacklining gives the ability to see the world in one dimension, focusing not on what surrounds us, what gives us a sense of vast sky or claustraphobic canyon, but instead on a one dimensional location, on a single line on infinite planes, back and forth you move, but tethered to one location. It seems dangerous, it seems insane, it seems as if a fall would kill you, but how does one fall while living in one dimension? There is no such thing as falling when there is only linear space. Learning to control everything is easy in one dimension, because there are no consequences in a one-dimensional world. To the common observer, it would seem that human life is impossible in a theoretical one-dimensional world, but it has been done. We do it all the time on the line, and continue to pursue this. What does it give us though? What do we gain by simplifying the perception of the world into a single, irrevocably straight line? Perhaps it is a glimpse into a tranescendant life where spacial dimension meets emotional dimension and the true essence of being human can be found. That is what we strive for when we walk the line. That is what we live for.

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