Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fun weekend with the family

Saturday we woke up painfully early to try to get the new Spire highline rigged. Josh and I went up there Friday night to start bolting, and got 5 of the 6 bolts drilled and placed. Saturday morning, while finishing drilling the last bolt, the drill bit broke ($50 drill bit) and left us unable to finish the rigging. Unfortunately we had to call it a day at 7:30am, while most of my peers where either passed out in their living rooms, or just getting home from partying all night. Needless to say, we were disappointed about getting up so early and then not having anything to do. Fortunately we had a plan B.

Laura came up to meet us for the highline, and she was pretty disappointed, but we went to the park in Golden and rigged some lines which kept us busy for quite a while. We did tricks and jumps and hung out, and even did a little filming. At about noon we then drove up Clear Creek Canyon to the first tunnel, and rigged a line across the creek. This was a load of fun. The line was about 8 feet above the water, and the water was equally as deep. The current was strong, but with some cautious swimming it was easy to get back to one side. We walked the line for hours, doing tricks and getting some good footage and messing with the kayakers who floated by underneath us. It was a really fun and challenging day. Laura was able to get out on the line, but struggled to stand up in the middle of it. It is pretty difficult to mantle the center of a 50 foot line, and I'm proud of her for trying her hardest. Despite the fact that she almost drowned once she jumped in the water, it was a great day.

Sunday we flew kites with Dad and slacklined at the school. It was a fun way to spend Fathers day and I'm really happy to have such an amazing family.

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