Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Slacklining on 9 news

I forgot to put this on back when it was aired, and I ran across it today on slackline.com and figured I should include it. I host slackline parties regularly, and for our August 2007 party, we had 9 news come out and film a brief segment about it. The script is really cheesy, but we are getting the word out and getting slacklining introduced to the general public, which is a really good thing. The more people come to know, accept and embrace slacklining, the better this world will be :)

Here's the Video

(Note that you can only view the video in internet explorer, Firefox doesn't like it)

I'm now one of the main content writers for Slackline.com and editor for the site. I'll be publishing some work there soon, and am working on an article about the history of slacklining in the US, and a brochure/booklet about slacklining for trade shows, conferences and climbing events. Gotta love the slackline!

(Chilling on a 160' line at the Boulder Mountain Park)

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Anonymous said...

I am a reporter at the Daily Camera looking to write a story about slacklining. Facebook said that is one of your interests. I was hoping to chat with some folks this week about it. Can you help, or do you know anyone good to talk to? Let me know asap, OK? Thanks!


Aimee Heckel