Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

It has been a fun year of adventures, and they have gone from mild to wild as the year has progressed. From the cross country skiing, to the climbing, to the 14ers, to the skydiving, to the highlining, to the kite flying, to meeting and spending time with my wonderful girlfriend Mary, everything has been absolutely fantastic. The capacity of man to enjoy himself is amazing, as I have thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout the last 12 months. But now it is time to look towards the next 12 months, and the days which will surely hold more incredible and delightful adventures. I have many goals for 2oo8, and amazing as 2007 has been, this new year will surely be filled to the brim of fun and adventure. Here are a few of my goals for this year:

  • Design and build a line of power kites

  • Finish the 13 remaining Colorado 14ers on my list

  • Climb 5 14ers in the remainder of the winter

  • Reach 100 skydives, or maybe even 200

  • Walk the lost arrow spire highline in Yosemite

  • Rig 5 new highlines in Colorado

  • Begin writing a book

  • Get a job with an engineering company

  • Help Mary train to climb 5.12

  • Climb Castleton Tower

  • Rig and walk 3 highlines in Moab, UT

  • Teach myself to kite-ski

  • Get published

Hopefully these things will keep me busy throughout the year, and I will keep everyone posted on the progress of these events. Wish me luck on accomplishing these dangerous feats and daring adventures.


MissAdventure said...

Good luck, Scott!

I'm excited to be by your side and watch (help?) you accomplish all of these amazing goals.


~Miss Adventure

Said said...


Blogging is Publishing. Just maybe not in the most exposed form. I believe!