Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fun in the Sun

These last few days have been great! The weather here in Boulder has been amazing, and so has the climbing. Yesterday after class James and I went to the Sport Park in upper Boulder canyon and had some fun with some of the better sport climbs on "Suprising Crag". We got on some really fun 9's, some really slabby and blank 11s, and a 12. It was really great too, while we were up there, some of my buddies, Said and Gabe showed up. It was entirely unplanned, but it was pretty cool to climb with them as well. I'll put up some pictures soon. The 12 we got on was "Furius Howard Brown". It started out will a really steep overhang, and then transitioned into a really hard, slabby crack climb with all kinds of water seeping out. It ate chalk like a gila monster.

(Sending the Aerogel traverse)

Today we went to the Satellite Boulders and I sent four different V1's on the sputnik boulder, two v5's on the aerogel boulder, worked the turning point and captain hook, and then sent some v4 called original grapple. It was a fun day. Tomorrow morning I'll be climbing the first flatiron with James, then its time to bear down for finals!!! I'll have to put climbing on hold for a week or so, as there's lots of stuff I need to do before school gets out. Then we'll be going to Penitente for a week. I'm really excited for that.