Friday, April 20, 2007


I went bouldering yesterday after class, and then went to the Primo Wall in Clear Creek Canyon today. I finally linked the v4 monkey traverse in flagstaff, and sent the "Gill Swing", another classic v4. Today James Sloan and I went to the Primo Wall for a few hours and did a nice 5.10c, a 5.12a and a 5.12b. It was good to get out in the summer sun that is finally here! There's a 12c at Primo that I have been working on, but didn't get it this time. Maybe next. There's always time for climbing when the sun is always shining!

Finals are coming up soon, so I'll have to slow down this sudden spree of climbing, but the yearly Penitente Canyon trip is coming up, and we have a nice crew this time. I'm pretty stoaked for that! I am slowly getting better, the more gear I buy...

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