Monday, January 16, 2012

Musings from the Tree

I've been living in a beautiful tree in Moab, suspended by miles of worn webbing and climbing ropes woven into a  colorful cocoon. Each morning is unique and special, which inspired me to write this and share with those of you whom I have given my heart:

Every morning, as the glowing orb rises
The finches dance in our tree.
Hopping from branch to branch
swaying in the southern wind.

The people move about on their way,
eyeing their watches but not their hearts.
The finches sing and float above me;
I sit in our tree and watch.

The wind plays ancient notes
resonating through reeds and leaves.
I listen as the ceremonious waking
of the earth and sun scoops me up
in warm, motherly arms.

The finches come and go from our tree,
flashing yellow over the noisy highway.
They search for insects and twigs
with their smiling beaks.

Half an hour I sit and watch and listen,
sharing a smile.
The finches are gone in a flash,
leaving behind songs of joyous love.
Can’t we all be so happy?

1 comment:

pam said...

Yay! Starting a day that way should keep you smiling all day!!! Xoxoxoxx