Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wild Adventures

Well, I'm back in action and it's time to get the blog going again. I have lots of photos and philosophical musings to share, and random thoughts to get off my mind. Although I'm currently "unemployed" in the typical sense of the word, my life is full with action and I am living every day as a challenge, and a chance to improve myself in some way. I hope that the following entries, although perhaps a bit obscure on occasion, will help my friends and family become inspired to do the same. Our life is short and precious, but not that short, and we are capable of some amazing things. The key is to find your passion, and to devote yourself completely to it.

Without action, we are not true to our nature as animals. Without loving passion, we are not true to our nature as humans. Follow your heart with a smile :-)

With love to the universe and all my wonderful friends and family,


pam said...

I agree Scott! Glad to see we will be able to enjoy your insights and visuals once again. Love love, aunt p

KudŁATY said...

Well said Scotty, miss ya buddy! :)