Monday, November 8, 2010

The New Korea Blog!

Heather and I started a new blog together where we can jointly contribute content and display the progress of our adventure in Korea.  So far it has been really interesting.  We are working hard, learning how to teach, learning a new language, learning the nuances of a new culture, and then trying to find time to learn about life as much as we can along the way.  I am really happy to be here in Korea, and I hope you are able to take a look at our new blog if you can.  

I will also probably try to keep this one full of new content now and again as well.  I have been writing a lot, and my meditations on life continue to grow thanks to the help of my friends.  We are all in this adventure together, and I am excited to share things with you!.

Much love,

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Heather said...

<3. That is such a beautiful photo of you.