Monday, December 22, 2008

A Year of Slacklines

I put part of this post on the forum, but figured it would be fun to put it here as well. I was just looking back at all of the slacklines and highlines that I have walked this year, and what a great time it has been, having the ability to walk so many beautiful lines, in awesome places with wonderful people. Here are a few of the more memorable sessions I've had :

A tree highline somewhere over boulder creek:

Walking the Lower Bird Rock highline in Boulder:

Dylan getting down on the Fruit Bowl lines in Moab:

Walking a long line in Norlin Quad:

Walking the Coors Gap line in Golden:

Andy crushing the Birthday Gap in Moab:

Walking the Golden Spire a week before leaving for Yosemite:

Walking the Lost Arrow Spire in Yosemite:

Walking a line across Boulder Creek:

Another trip to the Golden Spire:

My awesome sister walking her first highline: (Brother also walked this line on this trip)

Slacklining below Capitol Peak (one of my last 14ers):

Walking 988 feet over the Royal Gorge at the Go Fast Games:

Some friends killing the Fruit Bowl lines in Moab:

Doing some slacklining with the family:

It has been an incredible year, with lots of fun slacklining and highlining. The goals I set for myself were matched and exceeded, and I am inspired by the ability that we all have for success. Next year I hope to walk higher, better, cooler highlines, and more of them. But as long as I get to set up a nice peaceful line in a park from time to time, I'll be happy. Though if you see a photo in the news of someone walking a highline suspended by a hot air balloon, don't be suprised to hear that its me.

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