Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I love November

November is such a wonderful month, probably my favorite. I'm not sure why it is my favorite, there's just a feeling of warmth that I get from all of the amazing things that are happening this time of year.

I love the warm colors of the changing trees and the crunchy leaves that cover the ground in a mysterious moss.

I love the long shadows cast by the southern sun, rising lower and lower on the horizon after each day.

I love the crisp cool air and the feel of the fresh breeze rushing by my face in freefall, making my eyes water from the beauty of it all.

I love the gray skies and tight slacklines waving sinusoidally in the wind of the coming winter.

I love the glimpses of snow that show up, but decide to hold back at the last minute, blessing us with yet another sunny weekend.

I love the hay rides and the pumpkin patches and laying down in the middle of a field, slightly shivering but still warm from the heat of the earth.

I love the smiles of friendly people enjoying being outside.

I love the feel of cold granite in my hands as I run out a climb 30 feet above a .5 but only paying attention to a chirping bird floating by.

I love the sunrise from the basket of a hot air balloon.

I love the sunset from the edge of a bridge.

I love the hope and excitement of the new year that is rapidly approaching, and the thoughts of all the good times to come.

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