Monday, August 18, 2008

Tranquil Flight

White whisps of water molecules fly by my head as I track into an infinite bliss. I see the shadow of my freefalling body below, on the cloudy sea. Faster and faster I fall, but this is no bad dream, but a good dream, the ultimate dream, turned to reality. Actualization of my aspirations to become something more; my world has come true as I step out the door of that turbo-prop heap of flying metal into the sky. And as I lean forward, arms tensed, legs straight, speeding faster and faster and faster, it is not I who is moving, but the world. The entire earth is speeding towards something better and I am guiding it there, with my wings of skin I curve, create lift, carve through the edge of the cloud, following the side of soaking disaster like a steep chalky cliff created at that moment by the great one. Relaxed and alive I fly through the air at 100 miles an hour and nobody knows and I like it that way. The clouds fall faster and faster and soon comes the ground, and I fly back home to the grassy meadow, all the while wishing I could call my home "the sky".

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the turns and flights your life is taking! It is thrilling to say the least. I printed the photo of you slacklining across some vast drop at Yosemite that your dad sent to all of us family members. I carry it around in my bag every day, not to show it off to my friends (which of course I find myelf compelled to do and I do), but to be continually inspired by everything you do. Lots of love, and BE CAREFUL your Aunt PKR