Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Zen Slackline

Slackline is such an incredibly liberating activity and that is one of the reasons I was so drawn to it when I started slacking almost 5 years ago. Stress, anxiety, disappointment, wavering uncertainty of the future; all these things are absorbed by the oscillations of that 1inch nylon line. Today we had a little slackline gathering in a beautiful cherry blossom garden outside of the physics building. 4 lines underneath the beautiful rosy-pink flowers and bonsai-shaped trees in the beautiful spring sun. It was bliss. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera, but it was by far the most scenic and beautiful slacklining I have ever done. I can't wait to go back to this truly sacred spot where life's troubles melt away and the peripheral thoughts of existence blur into a focused understanding of an ultimate reality. Life, Energy, and pure unadulterated Happiness.

Friday Mary and I are to give a slacklining demo for Trango Climbing Equipment and The Spot bouldering gym. Free gear shall ensue.

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