Thursday, March 20, 2008

Slackline Party

This last weekend I hosted a slackline party for Mary's birthday. It was fun. About 60 people showed up and walked the different slacklines we had set up. There was a 15' line, 30' line, 30' line, 40' line, 60' line, 80' line, 100' line, 120' line, and a 135' line. Plenty of fun for everyone. Our parties are starting to get quite big now. I'm thinking about starting a competition circuit here this next year. Should be fun.

Here are the pictures from the event:

We leave for Moab tomorrow (after I finish my dreadful tests this week). We'll be setting up about 6 highlines, (4 brand new ones) and will likely do some climbing in Indian Creek and Castleton Tower. Sweet

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